[Glitch]Permanent Plasma Launcher Sticks

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[Glitch]Permanent Plasma Launcher Sticks

Post by Neo on Tue Feb 22, 2011 10:20 am

Effect: A Plasma launcher grenade will be permantly stuck to the player
Mode: Forge

  • Online game
  • At least 2 players
  • Plasma Launcher

Difficulty: Medium


  • Find out who is connection host (Click Here to find out how)
  • Who ever is connection host can't be the party leader
  • Have the the person with the plasma launcher count down to stick any non-connection host player
  • The second the non-connection host player is stuck have the party leader kick the connection host.
  • If done right everyone will be "black screened" and the it the score box will say "Connecting to new host".
  • When the black screen goes away the player will still have the plasma launcher grenades on him


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