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Clan Information

Post by Neo on Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:43 am

Clan Leaders:ZH Zero, Silverneo288, ARCANGELSFURY, ANTONIO BALONYO
Accepting new members:Yes

(The color of the leader names is that faction's leader)
Note:Once in clan there is no need for a specific armor/gamertag. Just the symbol

We are clan Chrysaor. The clan was originally started by ZH Zero and I (Silverneo288) and brought Arcangelsfury in as another leader but technically we all started it. We agreeded upon making challenges to initiate players into the clan but all three of us wanted a special way of initiation. Then Arcangelsfury suggested that each leader has their own colored faction hence the 4 faction colors (Forest, Fire, Ocean and Steel).
[ZH Zero place bio about the clan name here]

About Factions:
Each faction is leaded by one of the leaders. Each Faction has their own challenge(s) for initiation into the clan. Depending on the faction will determine the difficulty and number of challenges required to join the clan. You can find the challenge list in the "Faction Challenges" thread.
The factions are based off of elements

Ranks and Positions :
Within the clan depending on your devotion and skill to the clan you will obtain ranks within the clan. For every match you play with the clan you'll earn an xp point. Impress us with a match and you'll gain more points. If you manage to make a map in forge that impresses us you’ll gain 5 xp. The ranks and xp will be listed on its own thread and how many members are within that rank.

The position within the clan just states your preference on play style. For instance if you love to forge you’ll be given the “Forger” preference, but if you love slaughtering enemy players then you’ll be given”Brawler” preference. Impress us as your preference and you’ll be given the pro title along with a crown icon to state your expertise.

How to Join
Look to the right and you will see the Form you must submit to join

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Clan Info
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