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Faction Members

Post by Neo on Wed Apr 06, 2011 10:25 am

Here you can find who is in what faction and who is the leader of each Faction

The names will be in this forum

[Gamertag|Forum Name]- Rank - Expertise

If their gamertag is same as their forum name then there will only be one name there

Forest Faction
Leader: [Silverneo288|Neo]
Members: 2

  • [SniPiNx4xFuN] - Private - Forging
  • [oX Mugetsu Xo]

Ocean Faction
Leader: [ZH Zero]
Members: 1

  • [sup3rt33n] - Private - [Not stated]

Fire Faction
Members: 1

  • [goodspeed789] - Private - Forging

Steel Faction
Members: 2

  • [frenchtoastguy2] - Private - Fighting
  • [KackhaufenGER] - Private - [Not stated]

Plasma Faction
Leader: [Forget his gamertag xD]
Members: 1

  • [Tomtris] - Private - [Not stated]

Warning:Trolling may be present

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Faction Members

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