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Post by Neo on Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:51 pm

Here is some things you can purchase with Your forum points.

Point Shop
Custom User Title*50 Points Inf.
2 extra exp points**7 PointsInf.
Reset Warn Lvl100 PointsInf.
Become a Faction Leader***500 Points5
Username Change50 PointsInf.

*The user title is the title below a user's name like how mine is "Admin". Your custom title can not be "Admin", "Mod", or anything similar.
**These exp points go towords your clan rank. Can be purshased only 5 times a week.
***The user must be a clan rank of "Prophet" and Have the points. The user may pick an element (doesn't need to be a real one. Ex:Lightning, Stone, etc...)

Just post in this topic or inform a Admin when you would like to make a purchase

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